Stop trick series of looping movies scripted in Flash on conditioned coding of relationships

TV series

Stop trick series of looping flash movies inspired by the relations between the influence of TV / [new] media as typical phenomenae of current times and infinity seen as the essence of every tiny little moment in life …

new media line

The title of the online exhibition refers as much to the capability of new media forming a line – a connection – between different means of production, forms of expression, ends of communication and their interactive features as to the meaning of the line itself – as a graphic element, a line, a row, a repetition, a series, an underlining, an enclosing or an opening element of form …

Corner Drops

Series of banner art pieces created in 2002 for the banner art collective founded by Furtherfield


Online art book installation referring to ongoing war

S.P.I.N.Y. Online HTML Game

A film script serves as the basis for intuitive user guidance, which enables the user to experience the main plot and its variations individually …

S.P.I.N.Y. Online Interactive Full Screen VPN Application

The user experiences different phases and variations of an interactive plot, the main character of which has to answer her questions about autonomy and freedom in the context of a relationship drama.

coffeetable no 06

kanonmedia cooperated for the event coffee table no. 06 by providing inspirational content and photo material for the media installation.