skin flats

skin flats is a series of 60 image montages consisting of a series of self-portraits – close-ups, taken randomly in chronological order, showing the skin of the artist Alexandra Reill from an abstracting perspective …; images that ultimately transform into movement and, in combination with the installation of the video loop skin flats 0 and its parts I, II, and III, may culminate in a meditative experience …

AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool

Video installation with nine plus two flat screens showing people in / at a sea pool and on a bridge in their movements and sensibilities. The series AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool is an adaptation of the meta-theme Tourists in Time, which has been accompanying Alexandra Reill since 2006.

Portrait of a wasp

Video loop

jumbo shampoo or Joerg Bungee lost on the rope

The film deals with the ambiguity of velocity – its passion and eroticism and with danger …

CHANGES – on the edge

Video atmosphere and [real time] performance | installation for a dance performance

Malice in Sonderland. Experiental

Real-time recording and re-editing of the audiovisual live performance reflecting contemporary relevances of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

Above the Skies

… the pervasion of feelings of mundane phenomenae, of mundane life, a good bye from beloved ones and an hommage for love – the film Above the Skies is a journey from Earth to Heaven and back.

Walking in Footage

… people running – walking – sitting – in a world of abundance of information, confronted with media overflow, with mistakes, disturbances caused by overload. People looking for slowliness to be able to re-concentrate on inner perspectives …