Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds. Real-time Enactment / Arthouse

Audiovisual real-time enactment / arthouse on contemporary issues of the political sovereign, following Brecht

Contributions to the bot attracting node network #biennaleNO

Kind of discursive performance in the framework of the noemata non-curated initiative and virtual online exhibition format #biennaleNO featuring non-realized art in the context of the theme ‘the unbearable lightness of the internet’. [J]ust make sure your work doesn’t exist. (*) Go for #biennaleNO. Give it a spread.

Die Geschichte von der Königin

Associative text / image collage and performance on the development of a personal self-image and its changes over time


A discursive / performative think tank series – the approach of an open artists’ collective to transpose a set of individual recording methods of cognitive processes into artistic realms

Circles. The Labs

A discursive-performative panel series reflecting in six weekly open labs the meta-questions What is contemporary art aiming for? What do contemporary artists strive for? Which relevances of artistic work prevail in societies today?

Das zerknüllte Papier dreht sich

A performance on recurring discussions of artists with their own work, developed and staged in public space as part of Salon Volkertmarkt

Das Kuchenmodell

A performance staged in the framework of the think tank series Salon Volkertmarkt, in allusion to the tabled fact that the vast majority of art events beyond those located in commercial art production and highbrow are lacking in audience …

Salon Volkertmarkt

A discursive-performative series of think tanks based on artistic research and the method of cut-up …