exhibition design | curations

private viewing 05

The exhibition private viewing 05 reflects rhythmic narration in the course of time, externalization and the attempt to practice de-individualized forms of expression as an individuum …


Exhibition of works and artists’ talk on self-concepts and self-exposure of artists in contemporary production


Exhibition of collaborative findings from a process of several weeks of searching for traces for the artistic localization of the self

Net/ Media Art Online Community Platform kanonmedia

Design document for structuring an online community platform, written by Alexandra Reill in October 2001 as a presentation document for the activation of financing and curation | online performance of individual modules out of the overall project between 2001 and 2003 and 2011, respectively

Above the Skies. Exhibition

A retrospective of experimental works between heaven and earth from the years 2003 – 2010


Participative exhibition processing post card-like objects comparing sociopolitical arguments around the theme of work used under the NS-regime and in Vienna today …

The Hidden War: Re-imagining the Center

Exhibition on the theme of mediated and commodified violence showing experimental media pieces created by students of digital art of the University of the Philippines / College of Fine Arts

new media line

The title of the online exhibition refers as much to the capability of new media forming a line – a connection – between different means of production, forms of expression, ends of communication and their interactive features as to the meaning of the line itself – as a graphic element, a line, a row, a repetition, a series, an underlining, an enclosing or an opening element of form …