Heinz Moldau, 2008. Still aus: Alexandra Reill: Nelkengasse, 2013


EXTENSION UNTIL 07/07/2024: Exhibition Fashion City. How Jewish Londoners shaped global style in the Museum of London, with excerpts of the documentary film on the flight of Heinz Moldau and his family from Vienna in 1938


Video of Noah Holtwiesche’s artistic performance of the same title: “The I as an island in the infinite sea of substance – countless words – before it disappears into silence again”. [*]

Jewish Life and Resistance in the Liepaja Region

Documentary film looking at Jewish history and culture since the migration of Jews to Courland, with a focus on Liepaja and Aizpute in the 40ies of the last century

Tribute to Hans Richter. Documentary

Documentation of the participative audiovisual enactment on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign

Grandchildren’s Questions

Documentary film on the passing on of myths of denial in the context of coming to terms with NS-past in Vienna

alexandra reill: wien mein wien, 2008. press material

Home Sweet Home. Documentary film and text EN

Coming from a Vienna mainstream society of active committers of crime and NS-opportunists and being a child of the first post-war generation, Alexandra Reill tries to reflect her identity – Home Sweet Home is the [auto]biographic tracking of fascist history inherited by Vienna so-called mainstream society after World War II. Documentary film and text of the same title

Art Following The Trend? Trend? Artists’ Voices: Genco Gülan

Genco Gülan, media and performance artist, in conversation with Alexandra Reill

Deserts & Backbones

humans positioning themselves in urban deserts and entertainment worlds … they talk about feelings of emptiness, disorientation and helplessness which overcome them in the middle of performance-oriented organizations of life …