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Research Blog in form of a tag compilation of criteria in the context of reflections of contemporary relevances of artistic production in urban societies showing capitalist conditioning

take this playground

Eva Bischof [Ed.]: take this playground. 4yourEye, Vienna 2017. Text contributions

Speech on Ceija Stojka and commemoration at Ceija-Stojka-Platz

text development | speech simona anozie 2015
editing alexandra reill 2015
programme production romano centro | vienna 2015

Zehn Jahre Thara

Volkshilfe Österreich [Ed.]: 10 Jahre Thara, 2015. Text contribution


Julia Starsky: Catalogue, 2015.
Foreword / texts / text contributions | Co-Editing / Wordings

Innovationspreis 2012

Catalogue accompanying Innovationspreis .12 initiated by IG Kultur Wien and featuring the work of independent art and cultural initiatives in Vienna. Text contributions

Tribute to Hans Richter. Script for stage

Oscillating between the conscious creation of fiction and unconscious narration, improvised performance and collective artistic action; reflecting the role of the artist as so-called professional and that as a political sovereign; and exploring aesthetic deepening and social action, the final version of the script Tribute to Hans Richter may design itself autonomously – in a common creative process of audience and performers.

Der rote Faden

Renarration of the film DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY by Hans Richter with the participation of Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Darius Milhaud, Man Ray et al. in six acts