alexandra reill: never forget how fragile people are, 2019

never forget how fragile people are

The installation never forget how fragile people are is the formal result of the artistic research process, in which Alexandra Reill constellates everyday photography, tagging and statistical methods, returning to automatic writing – by giving space to intuitive forming as well as the catalogical, lexical to enter into synergy and transform into a narrative thread …

alexandra reill: algae and grasses. II, 20091007_algae_II_4. 2009

Algae and Grasses

Alexandra Reill: Algae and Grasses. c-print on canvas series
20091004_algae_I | 20091007_algae_II | 20091004_grasses_I | 20091007_grasses_II | 20091007_grasses_III | 20091007_grasses_IV. 2009