SP19-22-body movements in time

Series of 25 photo montages, developed from a row of flawed self-portraits, created by chance and in serial order; showing the movements of a body from an abstract perspective in time

alexandra reill, SP19-22-body movements in time

series of 25 photo montages, 2021 / 2022
4032 x 9072 px [4c / 1c, 72 dpi] digital
34,14 cm x 76,81 [4c / 1c, 300 dpi] photo print, mat on alu-dibond

production kanonmedia 2021 / 2022

The photographs are taken in 2021, in the course of a photographic self-portrait series covering the period between fall 2019 and […] in the form of a continuous, chronological self-documentation. As part of this work, all of the images included in the project are subjected to the same kind of image processing.

The images included in SP19-22-body movements in time crystallized as a distinct series of photographs, whose visual language is characterized by the movement of the artist’s body in time. The series consists of faulty images, been taken – so to say – by themselves, without the artist knowing. Through the montage as triples in a serial order, the translucency of the body moves is intensified. Thus, the series SP19-22-body movements in time forms a quasi self-originated rhythmic timeline of body movements shining through themselves in time.

Mounting options
In their digital format, the 25 photo montages are mounted in the combination shown above, each as a static full screen on a black flat monitor with a screen diagonal of about 21″. The distances between the screens have the same dimension or ratio as shown above. Hanging in a horizontal row is also possible.

As an analog wall installation, the 25 triples are printed on alu-dibond and hang in a horizontal row or constellated as in the presentation above.