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Living Room EN

Programming of a line of evenings – three hours each – for Living Room 2020

HOB Academy

Work lab with Alexandra Reill at the HOB Academy: funding for creative independents from the extended field of the arts

Founding and Running a NPO in Arts and Culture

Giving you an overview of the legal setting of the entity NGO containing specific facilitations that are important for the cultural sector, the Work Lab offers two intensive days full of know-how to run a non-profit organization in order to successfully implement art and cultural projects …

Funding and Private Finance Opportunities for Art and Cultural Projects

The workshop provides an overview of subsidy and funding opportunities for arts and cultural projects at the Austrian municipal, state, federal and EU levels, as well as in the transdisciplinary field of creative industries, and will help in the design, financing, implementation and billing of projects at public funding agencies and sponsors …


Exhibition of works and artists’ talk on self-concepts and self-exposure of artists in contemporary production

Data Journalism

Participation in the panel discussion on the topic organized by Depot

a trilogy of interactive real-time performances

Media lecture on dramaturgical approaches to interactive and participative real-time media performances

Community Independent of Cultural Policy

Workshop on the properties of decentralized social media platforms to strengthen culturally independent communities