WORK LAB Founding and Running a NPO in Arts and Culture

Next opportunity 15-1-19 and 16-11-19
Giving you a profound overview of the legal setting of the entity NGO containing specific facilitations that are important for the cultural sector, the Work Lab offers two intensive days full of know-how to run a non-profit organization in order to successfully implement art and cultural projects …

WORK LAB Funding and Private Finance Opportunities for Art and Cultural Projects

Next opportunity 08-11-19 and 09-11-19
The workshop provides a profound overview of subsidy and funding opportunities for arts and cultural projects at the Austrian municipal, state, federal and EU levels, as well as in the transdisciplinary field of creative industries, and will help in the design, financing, implementation and billing of projects at public funding agencies and sponsors …

alexandra reill: never forget how fragile people are, 2019

never forget how fragile people are

The installation never forget how fragile people are is the formal result of the artistic research process, in which Alexandra Reill constellates everyday photography, tagging and statistical methods, returning to automatic writing – by giving space to intuitive forming as well as the catalogical, lexical to enter into synergy and transform into a narrative thread …

alexandra reill: never forget how fragile people are, 2019

private viewing 05 EN

opening 05/10/2019, starting at 3:00 pm
exhibition 06/10/2019 – 18/10/2019

studio kleinlercher/kosai
14, Gebrüder-Lang-Gasse, 1150 Vienna

Exhibition 05 reflects rhythmic narration in the course of time, externalization and the attempt to practice de-individualized forms of expression as an individuum …

Approximations EN

A research blog in form of a tag compilation of criteria reflecting contemporary relevances of artistic production in urban societies showing capitalistic conditioning …