SP19-23-skin flats

Series of 60 photo montages developing out of a series of static self-portraits, taken at random in chronological order and depicting the artist’s skin from an abstracting perspective …; finally leading to a meditative video installation of looping emptiness …


[Moving] image sequence of thousands of self-portraits and their image edits, arranged chronologically according to the time of digital recording between quarter 03/2019 and […]

Photographic notes QU03_2019-

[Moving] images sequence of thousands of photographic notes – everyday shots of individually experienced moments; arranged in chronological order, according to the time of digital recording between quarter 03/2019 and […]


Art collection | object installation

SP19-22-body movements in time

Series of 25 photo montages, developed from a row of flawed self-portraits, created by chance and in serial order; showing the movements of a body from an abstract perspective in time


Series of 64 photographic self-portraits with a bag in motion, taken at random, forming a chronological series of abstracts …

SP19-22-movements of skin I / II

Two series of 18 / ten photos depicting close ups of skin in movement, taken at random in a serial order and letting the artist Alexandra Reill look at herself from an abstracting perspective …

Cable fades

Chronologically arranged series of the moving capture of a power cable, consisting of three randomly taken photographic shots