[Moving] image sequence of thousands of self-portraits and their image edits, arranged chronologically according to the time of digital recording between quarter 03/2019 and […]

series of [moving] digital photo edits

alexandra reill, SP-QU03_2019-
series of [moving] digital photo edits

production kanonmedia
vienna / a | innsbruck and surroundings / a | opatija region / hr | provence-alpes-côte d’azur / f | gastein valley / a | crete / gr | malta | 2019- [in progress]

The photographs are from the period 08/2019- and form a collection of photographic self-portraits by Alexandra Reill arranged in chronological order, following the the time of the recording. All images are subjected to the same kind of image editing. Thousands of these edits form a sequence of [moving] frames documenting the artist’s personal experience of everyday situations and her being in this continuity of moments; a documentation of personal development in a given period of time …