Photographic notes QU03_2019-QU04_2022

[Moving] images sequence of thousands of photographic notes – everyday shots of individually experienced moments; arranged in chronological order, according to the time of digital recording between the quarters 03/2019 and 04/2022. In progress

alexandra reill, Photographic notes QU03_2019-QU04_2022. In progress
series of [moving] digital photos / image edits
production kanonmedia
vienna / a | innsbruck and surroundings / a | opatija region / hr | provence-alpes-côte d’azur / f | gastein valley / a | crete / gr | malta | 2019-

The photographs originate from the period 08/2019-12/2022 and form a collection of photographic snapshots of Alexandra Reill’s personal experience arranged as a series of [moving] images in chronological order, following the time of recording. All images are subjected to the same kind of image editing. Thousands of these recordings / image edits become a [moving] sequence documenting an individual experience of everyday situations.