In an interactive media setting the bar camp and game CLOUDS IN THE SHARK POOL reflects the role of the artist as a medium between the poles of cooperation and competition – an antagonism forming one of the main pillars of onholding scientific discussion. Where does the artist stand today?

Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds. Script for stage

Script [for an audiovisual real-time] enactment on contemporary issues of the political sovereign following Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Tribute to Hans Richter. Enactment / Radio Play

Script for stage and mise-en-scène of an interactive-participative audiovisual enactment | radio play on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign

Tribute to Hans Richter. Script for stage

Oscillating between the conscious creation of fiction and unconscious narration, improvised performance and collective artistic action; reflecting the role of the artist as so-called professional and that as a political sovereign; and exploring aesthetic deepening and social action, the final version of the script Tribute to Hans Richter may design itself autonomously – in a common creative process of audience and performers.

S.P.I.N.Y. Script

Script for a feature film on personal deficits and self-emancipation