SP19-22-skin flats

Series of 60 photo montages developing out of a series of static self-portraits; with the option to lead to a looping stop trick video animation consisting of static close ups, taken at random in chronological order and depicting the artist’s skin from an abstracting perspective …

AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool

Video installation with ten plus two flat screens showing people in / at a sea pool and on a bridge in their movements and sensibilities. The series AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool is an adaptation of the meta-theme Tourists in Time, which has been accompanying Alexandra Reill since 2006.

AIR Opatija – Portrait of a wasp

Video looping installation


Video of Noah Holtwiesche’s artistic performance of the same title: “The I as an island in the infinite sea of substance – countless words – before it disappears into silence again”. [*]


STRANGE FLOWERS SPLASH or ONLY CATS HAVE NINE LIVES researches personal mechanisms of mystification existing as a result of ignorance or perfidious violence in society …

Jewish Life and Resistance in the Liepaja Region

Documentary film looking at Jewish history and culture since the migration of Jews to Courland, with a focus on Liepaja and Aizpute in the 40ies of the last century

jumbo shampoo or Joerg Bungee lost on the rope

The film deals with the ambiguity of velocity – its passion and eroticism and with danger …

Heinz Moldau, 2008. Still aus: Alexandra Reill: Nelkengasse, 2013


Documentary film on the flight of Heinz Moldau and his family from Vienna in 1938