Heinz Moldau, 2008. Still aus: Alexandra Reill: Nelkengasse, 2013


EXTENSION UNTIL 07/07/2024: Exhibition Fashion City. How Jewish Londoners shaped global style in the Museum of London, with excerpts of the documentary film on the flight of Heinz Moldau and his family from Vienna in 1938

skin flats

skin flats is a series of 60 image montages consisting of a series of self-portraits – close-ups, taken randomly in chronological order, showing the skin of the artist Alexandra Reill from an abstracting perspective …; images that ultimately transform into movement and, in combination with the installation of the video loop skin flats 0 and its parts I, II, and III, may culminate in a meditative experience …

AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool

Video installation with nine plus two flat screens showing people in / at a sea pool and on a bridge in their movements and sensibilities. The series AIR Opatija – The Bridge and The Pool is an adaptation of the meta-theme Tourists in Time, which has been accompanying Alexandra Reill since 2006.

Portrait of a wasp

Video loop


Video of Noah Holtwiesche’s artistic performance of the same title: “The I as an island in the infinite sea of substance – countless words – before it disappears into silence again”. [*]


STRANGE FLOWERS SPLASH or ONLY CATS HAVE NINE LIVES researches personal mechanisms of mystification existing as a result of ignorance or perfidious violence in society …

Jewish Life and Resistance in the Liepaja Region

Documentary film looking at Jewish history and culture since the migration of Jews to Courland, with a focus on Liepaja and Aizpute in the 40ies of the last century

jumbo shampoo or Joerg Bungee lost on the rope

The film deals with the ambiguity of velocity – its passion and eroticism and with danger …