Video of Noah Holtwiesche’s artistic performance of the same title: “The I as an island in the infinite sea of substance – countless words – before it disappears into silence again”. [*]

performance noah holtwiesche
camera alexandra reill / mimie maggale
editing alexandra reill

production kanonmedia in cooperation with ‘patachronique / vienna 2016

The approx. one-hour performance was developed by Noah Holtwiesche for WORKING ON THE MIRROR and specifically on the theme of the artistic research process of the think tank series, to which artists from different fields were invited to approach (self-)perception in the context of everyday life – linked to artistic work processes and through individual recording methods. [**] The performance took place on 30/06/2016 and the video installation was exhibited as a relic of the research process as part of the Think Tank Series and subsequently as part of the group exhibition FRAGMENTS FROM THE MIRROR.

„PELAGUS SUBSTANTIAE INFINITUM“ installation / screenings

— 36|projectcell . working on the mirror / vie / a / 16
— 36|projectcell . fragments from the mirror / vie / a / 16


— esel / vie / a / 16

Noah Holtwiesche, work description on „PELAGUS SUBSTANTIAE INFINITUM“, 2016; translation into English: Alexandra Reill, 2022
Alexandra Reill / Jasmin R. Schabert, excerpt from press release WORKING ON THE MIRROR, 2016; translation into English: Alexandra Reill, 2022