Roma Artist CEIJA STOJKA. What Should I Be Afraid of?

The first English-language monograph on [… the writer and artist …,] with unpublished texts and diary entries by Ceija Stojka.(**) | Editing of the original German version of the essay by Simona Anozie / Co-translation from German to English of the text and the poems by Ceija Stojka published in the volume.

The kanonmedia Shopping Mall

The department store becomes experimental art, experimental art becomes commerce …
Concept for a transnationally operating on- and offline platform for the dissemination of art and education in form of a shopping mall

Living Room EN

Programming of a line of evenings – three hours each – for Living Room 2020

Covid-19. Documentation of a collective communication process

The shutdown in March 2020 had and does have a partially massive impact on the social and psychological-emotional state of mind of many people; it also could and still can be seen in the context of the communication methods taking place on facebook …

The Concept of The Archive of Imagined Projects

How many ideas and concepts have been developed and yet are not implemented …

Der rote Faden

Re-narration of the film DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY by Hans Richter with the participation of Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Darius Milhaud, Man Ray et al. in six acts

The archive of a city that doesn’t exist. Why? Because Crina is a girl’s name.

Online publishing of the project idea and text / image collage, developed by Thomas Perle, Ana Popescu and Alexandra Reill on the occasion of the call for proposals for the Vienna Biennale 2015. Mapping Bucharest. ART, MEMORY, AND REVOLUTION 1916-2016

Circles. Blog

Research blog in form of a tag compilation of criteria in the context of reflections of contemporary relevances of artistic production in urban societies showing capitalist conditioning