never forget how fragile people are

The installation never forget how fragile people are is the formal result of the artistic research process constellating everyday photography, tagging and statistical methods to find a return to automatic writing – by giving space to intuitive forming as well as the catalogical, lexical to enter into synergy and transform into a narrative thread …

Year’s calendar game 2015

Card game, consisting of the pages of the pocket calendar used by Alexandra Reill in 2015, handwritten on both sides; and draft of a performance

Innovationspreis der freien Kulturszene Wiens 2005. Voting Model

Co-development of a voting model for the participatory awarding of the prize for contemporary autonomous art and culture projects, initiated by IG Kultur Wien

Gate06 – Der 6te Sinn

Community project model negotiating art and society as well as culture and living space by means of application-oriented, transdisciplinary and above all participatory processes. 2004 – 2005

The SAVE / SAFE wiki machine

An interactive narration ground on borderlining in the context of post-humanity …

S.P.I.N.Y. Online HTML Game

A film script serves as the basis for intuitive user guidance, which enables the user to experience the main plot and its variations individually …

S.P.I.N.Y. Online Interactive Full Screen VPN Application

The user experiences different phases and variations of an interactive plot, the main character of which has to answer her questions about autonomy and freedom in the context of a relationship drama.


An interactive role play – a computer game on CD ROM – S.P.I.N.Y. shows a woman who needs to confront herself with decisions she cannot avoid.