Founding and Running a NPO in Arts and Culture

Giving you a profound overview of the legal setting of the entity NGO containing specific facilitations that are important for the cultural sector, the Work Lab offers two intensive days full of know-how to run a non-profit organization in order to successfully implement art and cultural projects …

alexandra reill: never forget how fragile people are, 2019

never forget how fragile people are

The installation never forget how fragile people are is the formal result of the artistic research process constellating everyday photography, tagging and statistical methods to find a return to automatic writing – by giving space to intuitive forming as well as the catalogical, lexical to enter into synergy and transform into a narrative thread …

alexandra reill: never forget how fragile people are, 2019. photo: alexandra reill, 2019

private viewing 05

The exhibition private viewing 05 reflects rhythmic narration in the course of time, externalization and the attempt to practice de-individualized forms of expression as an individuum …

Circles. Blog

Research Blog in form of a tag compilation of criteria in the context of reflections of contemporary relevances of artistic production in urban societies showing capitalist conditioning


First draft of protocols from memory of brainstorming talks / [EU-]project ideas / research findings regarding options of development of an island in Dalmatia

günter hentschel: warten auf arbeit, 2014. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic,

Circles. The Labs

A discursive-performative panel series reflecting in six weekly open labs the meta-questions What is contemporary art aiming for? What do contemporary artists strive for? Which relevances of artistic work prevail in societies today?

Das Kuchenmodell

A performance staged in the framework of the think tank series Salon Volkertmarkt, in allusion to the tabled fact that the vast majority of art events beyond those located in commercial art production and highbrow are lacking in audience …


Concept for a media lab for young people in Seestadt, combined with a program of fact-based knowledge transfer and the possibility of practical work in the context of media production and the bonus option of certified internship

alexandra reill [ed.]: error reading from the clipboard, 2015

Error Reading From The Clipboard

Machine-produced error result of the digital export of text: Robert Strachan, Micro-independent record labels in the UK. Discourse, DIY cultural production and the music industry, in: European Journal of Cultural Studies 10 (2), 2010, p. 250-251

bilcom: Development of further and training programme

For the educational institute bilcom, a trainer course of studies and a further training programme of courses based on modules specifically designed for private and business customers, respectively, was developed; including a time schedule for 2014 / 2015 and the activation of a pool of expert trainers from the respective field of profession.

thomas pruß, trametes. detail, 2009, cc-by sa 3.0


In an interactive media setting CLOUDS IN THE SHARK POOL reflects the role of the artist as a medium between the poles of cooperation and competition – an antagonism forming one of the main pillars of onholding scientific discussion. Where does the artist stand today?

tina muliar, in: no | promised rosegarden. photo: jan lauth, 2013

no | promised rose garden

[Participation in an] experiment with actionist seriousness, emery paper, twelve cobblestones, chalk for everybody, blue paper tissues and wine labels circling around the principally non-understandable … (*)

Tribute to Hans Richter. Script for stage

Oscillating between the conscious creation of fiction and unconscious narration, improvised performance and collective artistic action; reflecting the role of the artist as so-called professional and that as a political sovereign; and exploring aesthetic deepening and social action, the final version of the script Tribute to Hans Richter may design itself autonomously – in a common creative process of audience and performers.

Der rote Faden

Renarration of the film DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY by Hans Richter with the participation of Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Darius Milhaud, Man Ray et al. in six acts


Hosting and spatial setting for the online streaming performances featuring in real-time Helen Varley Jamieson and Paula Crutchlow with their project Make-Shift in private environments re-imaginating private actions of domestic lives as multiple interconnections with global consequences …

Raphael Lemkin, photographer and date of publishing unknown, archive: united nations audiovisual library of international law


Can genocide be stopped? FreePlay is an interactive experiment, a dramaturgically structured conference in the form of a 24-hours-performance, where participants can act as “ambassadors” …

Tribute to Hans Richter. Image Trailer

The experimental trailer was developed as a public relation tool for the online promotion of the participative audiovisual enactment on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign Tribute to Hans Richter staged in Rinderhalle Neu Marx in 2012.

ludbreg. photo: maya kalogera, 2009

My Center of the World

In this EU-project building international artists’ networks, kanonmedia was co-partner with a focus on Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg, installing a series of jour fixes for artists to reflect and exchange on the theme.


Concept for a workshop on photography and graphic design in public space on coping with NS-past in Austria today and the enhancement of intercultural communication competences for teens; developed on occasion of the installation of REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD WE SAY NO? V at Genochmarkt in the neighborhood of Hirschstetten in 1220 Vienna

alexandra reill: wien mein wien, 2008. press material

Home Sweet Home

Coming from a Vienna mainstream society of active committers of crime and NS-opportunists and being a child of the first post-war generation, Alexandra Reill tries to reflect her identity – Home Sweet Home is the [auto]biographic tracking of fascist history inherited by Vienna so-called mainstream society after World War II.

Kunst im Trend? Artists’ Voices. Study

Evaluation of the results of the international survey Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. on self-understanding and -definitions of artists | cultural workers looking at individual roles and functions in society as well as on individual earning capacities; and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels

Artists’ Talks

Publication featuring interviews with artists on their individual understanding of their roles and positions and their approaches to art production in contemporary societies in form of a text collage

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006 is an online installation based on a documentative disposition of email correspondence in chronological order and structured by subthemes of a long and complicated process to develop a public-private funding system to distribute means to media artists and cultural workers active in the media field.

Above the Skies

… the pervasion of feelings of mundane phenomenae, of mundane life, a good bye from beloved ones and an hommage for love – the film Above the Skies is a journey from Earth to Heaven and back.

alexandra reill: walking in footage, 2006. still

Walking in Footage

… people running – walking – sitting – in a world of abundance of information, confronted with media overflow, with mistakes, disturbances caused by overload. People looking for slowliness to be able to re-concentrate on inner perspectives …


Installation and real-time performance of the cartographic net and networking project mapping information nodes of ex- and imports of contemporary and archeological art and cultural products

Die Frage nach der Definition Virtuellen Öffentlichen Raums EN

Birgt die Frage nach der Definition von Öffentlichem Raum bereits die Notwendigkeit, in einer grundlegenden Unterteilung des Begriffs in solche Themenfelder wie „kommunale Nutzung“, „Nutzung durch eine Öffentlichkeit“, „Verfügbarkeit von Flächen, die von der öffentlichen Hand verwaltet oder besessen werden“ auf verschiedene Kontexte der Bedeutung von Öffentlichkeit einzugehen, so stellt sich der Versuch der Definition des Phänomens des Virtuellen Öffentlichen Raums um nichts leichter dar.

THARA: teens engaging in media production, photo: susanne meitz, 2005


In Romani language there is no real word for future but one for a tomorrow: THARA – a media lab fostering contemporary self-empowerment of Roma and Sinti teens … [2004 – 2006]

Alexandra Reill: photo taken in the framework of the installation SAVE / SAFE. 2003

white chairs

White on white is the theme, shade and doubled manifestation ask for the meaning of space between physical matters, ask for the character of emptiness, the character of fullness …

video / still by alexandra reill; kids of yppenplatz, 2004

K.I.O. Lab

Drawing / painting / photo / video / VJing / DJing / cooking workshop series leading to a real time media performance fest in the framework of the festival Soho in Ottakring

alexandra reill: cr_sequins. cr10_sequin, 2004


Series of digital 4c prints developed from analogue drawings / overpaintings typical for mobile artistic work created by Alexandra Reill when travelling


Furtherfield [Ed.]: Rosalind – online lexicon project of newly created and re-defined terms in the light of artistic and technological research. Contributions

Deserts & Backbones. real-time remix

Alexandra Reill’s film DESERTS & BACKBONES is a documentary researching the question whether there is a will beyond human will, beyond rational will … For the program < PARTLY TRUTH > < PARTLY FICTION > organized by Medienwerkstatt Wien on occasion of their 25 years of existence, kanonmedia invited Markus Kienzl to perform a real-time remix with sequences out of the documentary.

alexandra reill / heather winter: deserts & backbones, still frame 01. 2003

Deserts & Backbones

humans positioning themselves in urban deserts and entertainment worlds … they talk about feelings of emptiness, disorientation and helplessness which overcome them in the middle of performance-oriented organizations of life …

The Red Shoes

Plot draft for a feature film following the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen; with the idea of ​​staging and filming on Mali Lošinj in the main summer season, with a central station in the form of a tent on the main square of the place, in which tourists can let themselves be casted as actors or extras for one or the required number of day/ s of shooting …

SAVE / SAFE. Participative Spatial Setting

On the occasion of the publication of the database application SAVE / SAFE and the publication of the same title, the interior and part of the facade of futuregarden formed the framework for a participatory installation, parts of which remained in place for the duration of the exhibition of the same title.

alexandra reill: tv series, tv_beauty, 2002. still

TV series

Stop trick series of looping flash movies inspired by the relations between the influence of TV / [new] media as typical phenomenae of current times and infinity seen as the essence of every tiny little moment in life …

new media line

The title of the online exhibition refers as much to the capability of new media forming a line – a connection – between different means of production, forms of expression, ends of communication and their interactive features as to the meaning of the line itself – as a graphic element, a line, a row, a repetition, a series, an underlining, an enclosing or an opening element of form …

alexandra reill: anti-smokers-sp01_01. 2001

anti-smokers-sp01 EN

ANTI-SMOKERS-SP01 is the author’s self-portrait relating to a smoker’s conditioning in an environment conditioned on anti-smoking and the conditioning of a non-smokers’ environment by a smoker’s dispositions …


An interactive role play – a computer game on CD ROM – S.P.I.N.Y. shows a woman who needs to confront herself with decisions she cannot avoid.