Heinz Moldau, 2008. Still aus: Alexandra Reill: Nelkengasse, 2013


EXTENSION UNTIL 07/07/2024: Exhibition Fashion City. How Jewish Londoners shaped global style in the Museum of London, with excerpts of the documentary film on the flight of Heinz Moldau and his family from Vienna in 1938

Roma Artist CEIJA STOJKA. What Should I Be Afraid of?

Book presentation in the framework of
salz kammer gut 2024. European Capital of Culture. Bad Ischl. Salzkammergut: “Hoffnung: Das war was uns stärkte” / Ebensee / A / 07/06-09/29/2024

skin flats

skin flats is a series of 60 image montages consisting of a series of self-portraits – close-ups, taken randomly in chronological order, showing the skin of the artist Alexandra Reill from an abstracting perspective …; images that ultimately transform into movement and, in combination with the installation of the video loop skin flats 0 and its parts I, II, and III, may culminate in a meditative experience …


[Moving] image sequence of thousands of self-portraits and their image edits, arranged chronologically according to the time of digital recording between the quarters 03/2019 and 04/2022. In progress

Photographic notes QU03_2019-QU04_2022

[Moving] images sequence of thousands of photographic notes – everyday shots of individually experienced moments; arranged in chronological order, according to the time of digital recording between the quarters 03/2019 and 04/2022. In progress

SP19-22-body movements in time

Series of 25 photo montages, developed from a row of flawed self-portraits, created by chance and in serial order; showing the movements of a body from an abstract perspective in time


Series of 64 photographic self-portraits with a bag in motion, taken at random, forming a chronological series of abstracts …

SP19-22-movements of skin I / II

Two series of 18 / ten photos depicting close ups of skin in movement, taken at random in a serial order and letting the artist Alexandra Reill look at herself from an abstracting perspective …