Cable fades

Chronologically arranged series of the moving capture of a power cable, consisting of three randomly taken photographic shots

SP19-22-In the mirror cabinet

Two-hour video loop of self-portraits, shot within the spatial art installation in the form of a mirror cabinet, in the eyes of Alexandra Reill reflecting the effects of spotlight glamour and stage life on stage protagonists; created by Bernard et Gérard Taride and exhibited at the Château-Musée Grimaldi


Video loop of photographic self-portraits, shot in an artistic spatial installation [*] at the Château-Musée Grimaldi, dedicated to the theme of monitoring and surveillance and capturing the moving image of exhibition visitors in stacked monitors

SP19-22-personal shade

Photo series of five variations of a self-portrait focusing on shade, in its multiplication serving as a reflective approach to the development of the personal self …

SP19-22-La petite étoile – une épicerie

Image montage of four self-portraits, created in the reflection of the shop window of a small grocery store called La petite étoile

SP19-22-Self-mirroring in front of wood, stone and marble

Photo series of self-mirroring in front of parts of dark wood, round wall column and marble paneling

C-19-Object Series – Coll chiné

Textile installation, consisting of a defective house vest, a sloppily worked hood and a black plastic coat hook

C-19-Object Series – The Baby Blanket and The House Cushion

Two knitted textile objects created in autumn 2021 and the lockdown winter of 2021 / 2022