Screen interferences

Digital photo print series of 240 still frames from a 24-second video documentation of a screen malfunction framed in mahogany wood

alexandra reill, photo series, 2020 / 2021

240 digital photos
[original format: 4c, 1973 x 3508 px, 300 dpi | digital print: 4c, 11,14 x 19,80 cm]

production kanonmedia | vienna 2020 / 2021

In addition to the dangerous impairment of working and production conditions in an everyday life by intensifying disturbances of a computer monitor, the photo series, generated from the video documentation of a corrupted laptop status, which is only a few seconds short, documents the minimal change of perspective resulting from hand-held camera movements – de facto hardly perceptible.

The wall installation of 240 mahogany-framed photographs of a screen malfunction, at first glance all looking the same; with its high number of photographs, forms a testimony to ideological worship of technology as well as dependencies given in this regard.

Mounting options
Ideally, the 240 framed images form a horizontal hanging of twelve photographs in a horizontal row with a distance from each other of around 2 cm, followed by such a row below, with the same vertical distance; thus forming an arrangement showing the array of images 01-240 in chronological order. Specific mountings per site are imaginable.