Real-time video stage development and performance for the launch event of the media platform romblog

Das zerknüllte Papier dreht sich

A performance on recurring discussions of artists with their own work, developed and staged in public space as part of Salon Volkertmarkt

Das Kuchenmodell

A performance staged in the framework of the think tank series Salon Volkertmarkt, in allusion to the tabled fact that the vast majority of art events beyond those located in commercial art production and highbrow are lacking in audience …

Year’s calendar game 2015

Card game, consisting of the pages of the pocket calendar used by Alexandra Reill in 2015, handwritten on both sides; and draft of a performance


Performing audiovisual interpretations of relations in time and space …

no | promised rose garden

[Participation in an] experiment with actionist seriousness, emery paper, twelve cobblestones, chalk for everybody, blue paper tissues and wine labels circling around the principally non-understandable … (*)

Burning Paper

Installation / performance with works of art, the wood-burning stove in mo.ë and fire as part of Innovationspreistage .12


Hosting and spatial setting for the online streaming performances featuring in real-time Helen Varley Jamieson and Paula Crutchlow with their project Make-Shift in private environments re-imaginating private actions of domestic lives as multiple interconnections with global consequences …