Burning Paper

Installation / performance with works of art, the wood-burning stove in mo.ë and fire as part of Innovationspreistage .12

october 19-21, 2012
4, thelemangasse, 1170 vienna

idea / concept / performance alexandra reill
kanonmedia in cooperation with ig kultur wien / innovationspreistage .12 and mo.ë / vienna 2012

Directly next to the large, legendary wood-burning kiln in mo.ë, which radiated enormous heat, visitors to the exhibition Innovationspreistage .12 organized by IG Kultur Wien there were able to view stacked prints from the project Misprints by putting the individual printouts, all of them hand signed by Alexandra Reill, from a stack about 30 cm high to a second one about the same height.

Misprints consist of hundreds of faulty A4-prints from an office printer that have been building up in the course of Alexandra Reill‘s artistic production since 1998. The individual office prints form a hand-signed collection in progress.

In a performative moderation, Alexandra Reill invited you to choose one of these individual parts of the art print collection to take it with you for free or to burn it in the furnace.

On the one hand, visitors to the exhibition were confronted with whether or not to perceive computer prints, misprints, as works of art; and they were faced with whether or not to burn these individual art works or non-works.

No one decided to burn paper during the entire exhibition.

Papierverbrennung staged / installed at

— in the framework of innovationspreistage .12 | mo.ë / vie / a / 12