Art collection | object installation

idea / concept | author | editor alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna | since 1998; ongoing

Misprints consist of hundreds of faulty A4-prints from an office printer which have been building up in the course of Alexandra Reill‘s artistic production since 1998. The individual office prints form a hand-signed art collection in progress.

The aim is to collect a number of misprints, with which a pile, around two meters high, can be created by loosely and randomly throwing the individual printouts onto each other, thus forming an object installation.

Misprints exhibited at

— in adapted form as part of the performance das zerknüllte papier dreht sich in the framework of salon volkertmarkt | volkertmarkt / vie / a / 15
— in adapted form as part of the performance burning paper in the framework of innovationspreistage .12 | mo.ë / vie / a / 12