Das zerknüllte Papier dreht sich

A performance on recurring discussions of artists in communication with their own work, developed and staged in public space as part of Salon Volkertmarkt

idea | concept alexandra reill
performance viktoria rahsl / alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2015

A4 office prints from from the project Misprints are crumpled up while sitting at a table where discourses on the broad context of questions about contemporary art take place. The crumpled prints are thrown away from the table into the open space, in this case into public space. After a loose cluster has formed and the performers have decided that it is enough to crumple up, they rise from the table and devote themselves to unraveling the printouts thrown away into the open space.

In an intuitive arrangement and encounter, without words, the performers arrange the crumpled sheets on the given surface; to leave this arrangement, leave it there, while they sit down again at the table of the discourses on contemporary approaches to artistic creation and take part in the conversations.

At the end of the discourse, the performers collect the smoothed out, but now creased printouts, gently stack them for archiving purposes. The printouts are discarded because they no longer fit into the Misprints collection when they are crumpled.

Das zerknüllte Papier dreht sich supported by

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— nelke – cafe am markt
— GB*2/20 volkertplatz
— commission of culture 1020 vienna

Das zerknüllte Papier dreht sich enacted at

— salon volkertmarkt / vie / a / 15


— falter / vie / a / 15
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— mrs. hyde talks culture / vie / a / 15

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