white chairs. real-time re-mix

Audiovisual real-time re-mix of the film white chairs in the framework of Medienwerkstatt Wien: VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA release 02 @MAK NITE©

The Last Supper II

Analogue-digital performance in the framework of the Performance Days Istanbul 2007

Walking in Footage

… people running – walking – sitting – in a world of abundance of information, confronted with media overflow, with mistakes, disturbances caused by overload. People looking for slowliness to be able to re-concentrate on inner perspectives …

The Last Supper I

Analogue-digital performance with contributions of guests of the Artists-in-Residency Myndos International Art Workshops II: The Seventh of the Seven Wonders


Installation and real-time performance of the cartographic net and networking project mapping information nodes of ex- and imports of contemporary and archeological art and cultural products

white chairs. stop-motion-lab

Performance in the framework of netznetz – Festival der Netzkultur in Künstlerhaus Wien 15–17/10/2004

K.I.O. Lab

Drawing / painting / photo / video / VJing / DJing / cooking workshop series leading to a real time media performance fest in the framework of the festival Soho in Ottakring