Installation and real-time performance of a cartographic network mapping information nodes of ex- and imports of contemporary and archeological art and cultural products

concept alexandra reill / leyn van der reyken / frederik de wilde
[photo]graphic work | installative setting alexandra reill / leyn van der reyken
programming | real-time visual performance frederik de wilde

production istanbul contemporary art museum / istanbul / tr | gümüslük academy of fine arts / gümüslük / tr| kanonmedia / vie / a / frederik de wilde / leyn van der reyken, brussels / b | gümüslük / bodrum / tr 2006

Objects of daily life were collected, photographed, cataloged and labelled to form an archive of objects and their tracks documenting present life for future generations, future ages … The labelled objects were spread all over the arena of the collosseum belonging to the Gümüslük Academy; Frederik de Wilde programmed a virtual cartographic net to track the ex -/ im port of the objects in their future paths in real-time. The photographed objects turned into representatives of a global world, and their tracks formed a dynamic net which was projected onto the outdoor screen of the colosseum in real-time, thus enabling the audience to follow the tracks live and visit the nodes of the network.

The project was developed in the framework of the artists’ residency Myndos International Art Workshops II organized by Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum on the theme of The Seventh of the Seven Wonders, which took place at the Gümüslük Academy of Fine Arts in summer 2006 [05-07-2006 – 31-07-2006]. The digital modules of the residency program aimed to bring a new approach to digital arts, in the context of process art and site specific projects and with a special focus on carefully and at the same time spontaneously constructed encountering of ancient and new technologies as a chance to develop new conceptual levels. During the residency period, participants developed projects together, working with each other, switching between different roles and positions, thus forming creative collectives.

EX -/ IM PORT real-time performance / installation at

— gümüslük academy of fine arts / tr / 06

EX -/ IM PORT artefacts exhibited at

— museum of the mausoleum | archeological collection / bodrum / tr / 06

The Seventh of the Seven Wonders featured by

— absolutearts / istanbul / tr / 06
— bodrum tv / bodrum / tr / 06