Walking in Footage

… people running – walking – sitting – in a world of abundance of information, confronted with media overflow, with mistakes and disturbances caused by overload. People looking for slowliness to be able to re-concentrate on inner perspectives …

Experiental short film | DV PAL | 16:9 | 00:15:23:18
Real-time performative installation @avantgarde versus retrofiction / medienwerkstatt wien

imagery | editing | sound mix alexandra reill

production kanonmedia on occasion of the workshop Avantgarde versus Retrofiktion
coordinated by Medienwerkstatt Wien in cooperation with transparadiso | vienna 2006

Walking in Footage is an experiental short film working with found footage. The film is produced by using an umatic engine and its specific methods of film editing. In addition, a video mixer was used to produce and shape mixes coming from visual and sound material disturbances specific for film material. In the course of digital editing color was extracted to be able to even more focus on humans running, walking through and sitting in media noise, feeling disturbed by turbulences.

Walking in Footage is a film on the search for happiness in an information age where, much too often, slowliness and simplicity find themselves in a defensive position in relation to consequences of data overflow and where, much too often, it is difficult to create silence within an abundance of data.

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