space in time

Dramaturgical-technological concept for a real time interactive video installation

concept alexandra reill
developed in the framework of the artist’s residency liquid space @tent
as an adaptation of the lab[au] 3d-engine space, navigable music
production tent | rotterdam / nl 2006

space in time is a concept for an interactive real time video installation developed in the framework of Alexandra Reill‘s artist-residency at TENT Rotterdam, initiated by LAb[au]. According to the theme and structure of the residency program, Alexandra Reill adapted the structure of 3D-engine provided by LAb[au] for the use of her individual installation concept.

In the framework of the fixed setup of four screens in square order, looking towards each other a freely moveable webcam is installed to give the user entering the installation the freedom to move with the camera in her/ his hands. The real time capturing of moving around in space is projected onto the four screens where at the same time the projection is layered with the user’s captures of moments of the past.

The space-oriented 3D-engine hosted the project the theme of which was playing with time. 3D-worlds were conquered through fluidity and movements in time. Real time presence let the user experience relations between the past and the present leading to virtual impressions of the future.

liquid space is a series of artistic workshops LAb[au] has initiated to design spatial audiovisuals with a specific focus on collaborative design processes. 

Each workshop cycle is devoted to a specific theme and theoretical approach, to complement the 3D-engine with interactive, immersive and performative qualities of digital works of contributors – the individual artistic installations and performances shown in the framework of exhibitions at various locations.

For the collaborative workshop at TENT in Rotterdam, LAb[au]‘s 3D-engine sPACE, navigable music was proposed to the invited artists as starting-point for the development of audiovisual content and exchange of approaches to interactivity. The engine is based on the principle of integrating different media in a structural, programmed manner (parameter design), into and through a specific virtual space / navigation setting. The platform proposes rather space- than time-based logics of visual and sonic media; it lets you compose and edit visual and sonic architectures within its own 3D-framing – an environment where the content developer navigates her/ his individually created 3D-space to compose visual worlds and/ or music in real time, displayed in a 360° space projected on screens and complemented by quadra-phonic sound.

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— liquid space @tent / tent / rotterdam / nl / 06

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