white chairs. real-time re-mix

Audiovisual real-time re-mix of the film white chairs in the framework of Medienwerkstatt Wien: VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA release 02 @MAK NITE©

concept | audiovisual performance alexandra reill
production medienwerkstatt wien | vienna 2009

In a four-part DVD edition by Medienwerkstatt Wien, film and media art by 79 Austrian artists from 2002 to 2008 is documented with a total length of 693: 25 minutes. release 02 is a continuation of a video series that started in 1994. Since that time, not only has a wealth of new works by established video artists and documentaries emerged, a new generation of media artists has also established themselves, who have gained a foothold in international exhibitions and festivals.

All 79 videos are shown in the MAK NITE©, Alexandra Reill‘s experiential short white chairs being part of the selected works.

The visitor wanders through the media stations arranged in the columned foyer hall of MAK – Museum of Applied Arts. In line with international practice, the program is no longer classified according to the categories of art or documentary film, but consists of eight thematic focal points developed by the curating team Eva Brunner-Szabo, Gerda Lampalzer-Oppermann and GANGART (Simonetta Ferfoglia / Heinrich Pichler).

On occasion of VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA release 02, real-time sound / video interventions were performed by club.ware infrasemantic sensory modulation | Michaela Schwentner | Alexandra Reill. For this occasion, Alexandra Reill decided on an audiovisual real-time remix of her film white chairs. (*)

Text: NN | Medienwerkstatt Wien / MAK – Museum of Applied Arts: press release 2009. Minor text adaptations | translation to English: Alexandra Reill 2020

white chairs. real-time re-mix staged at

— video edition austria release 02 | mak nite© | mak – museum of applied arts / vie / a / 09