[Concept for an] installation / discursive performance on NS-“Vergangenheitsbewältigung” and intercultural communication

idea | concept alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2009

The card objects WOULD WE SAY NO ? I form a pile placed on an old wooden farmer’s table, a kitchen table. Visitors can take cards with them.

The installation is accompanied by a moderator professionally equipped with knowledge of contemporary positions of NS-“Vergangenheitsbewältigung” and intercultural communication competences, going into talks with gallery visitors on occasion of looking at and taking the card objects.

In another version, the installation can be accompanied by an interviewer and a video camera worker recording the talks and discussions. In this form, the concept was implemented in the framework of Südwind Festival 2009.

team südwind festival
interviewing alexandra reill | manuela zecher
camera work karin gruber | alexandra reill | manuela zecher
coordination | public relations alexandra reill

The stacking of the card objects on an old wooden table that stands against a wall on which one of the print motifs hangs centrally above the table, in the form of a digital print [glossy paper, 841 x 594 mm], framed behind glass and in wood in an aesthetic that reminds of middle class living rooms from the 30s / 40s of Austria, represents an adaptation of the installative setting that was developed for the exhibition FEELINGstrange in 2008. In an expanded form, it can be implemented with six tables, the card objects stacked on them and six framed picture prints, which again hang centrally above the tables.

The performative installation can be combined with the sound installation RESPONSIBILITY? contrasting Walter Benjamin‘s text The Desctructive Character, text citations out of the media on contemporary fascism in Austria 2009 and answers given by passers-by in interviews led by Alexandra Reill on how follow-up generations of the 30ies and 40ies of a so-called Austrian “mainstream society” feel about taking on responsibility for NS atrocities in Austrian history. In this form, the installation was set up as part of Herbstfestwochen Neubau 2009.

WOULD WE SAY NO ? II supported by

— commission of culture 1090 vienna
— commission of culture 1070 vienna

Furthermore, our thxs go to

— egoth verlag
— südwind festival
— 7*stern

WOULD WE SAY NO ? II staged / installed at

— südwind festival / vie / a / 09
— in the framework of herbstfestwochen neubau 2009 | 7*stern / vie / a / 09

WOULD WE SAY NO ? II featured by

— orf volksgruppenredaktion / vie / a / 09
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— falter / vie / a / 09
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— augustin / vie / a / 09
— klagsverband zur durchsetzung der rechte vo diskriminierungsopfern / vie / a / 09
— safari / vie / a / 09
— rhizome / nyc / us / 09
— 7*stern / vie / a / 09
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— kulturen in bewegung / vie / a / 09
— dmoz search engine hits page / ch / 09
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