SP19-22-La petite étoile – une épicerie

Image montage of four self-portraits, created in the reflection of the shop window of a small grocery store called La petite étoile

alexandra reill, photo montage, 2021 / 2022

4 digital photo prints mounted as one digital print, as shown above, with a distance of ca. 0,6 cm between the photos and about four cm around them, behind passepartout in smoothly coated, chamois handmade paper and framed behind glass in flat, black and mat wooden frames of about 0,8 cm width
17,07 x 12,80 cm each [4c / 1c, 600 dpi]

production kanonmedia 2021 / 2022

The photographs were taken in 2021 as part of a series of self-portraits that cover the period between autumn 2019 and spring 2022 in the form of a continuous, chronological self-documentation. As part of this work, all images included in the project are subjected to the same sequence of image editing steps.

The pictures contained in the series SP19-22-La petite étoile – une épicerie crystallized as an independent series of photos / digital edits. The self-portraits, taken in the given atmosphere, are close to the artist’s heart.