The Concept of The Archive of Imagined Projects

How many ideas and concepts have been developed and yet are not implemented …

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Over the years and in the course of activating production possibilities, each artist usually has an archive of project ideas, which are very carefully thought through and developed with a view to implementation, in order to be able to achieve financing and feasibility. In their chronology, such concepts form a meaningful “common thread” of an individual’s content-aesthetic-formal development.

The Archive of Imagined Projects [work title] deals with projects from Alexandra Reill‘s artistic biography not having had the chance to be implemented / published in the course of her personal time, be it due to critical content profiles; content orientations not corresponding to current trends in the landscapes of the arts and culture; lack of funding or other impractical production needs; difficult living conditions …

The idea of publishing and merging these imagined / unpublished projects / pieces, which go back to the 90s of the last century, into an aesthetically designed publication, has been around for a long time and has not been possible to date. Now, The Archive of Imagined Projects has become a project that gained new relevance, in particular in view of the question of event and production restrictions in the cultural field probably still having to be dealt with at least until the end of 2021.

In itself, the publication represents a very contemporary act, because this is generally not undertaken in artists’ communities – due to the realistic fear that ideas can be copied and implemented by others.

The format is forward-looking, both in terms of further conceptional possibilities for artistic creation and in terms of the positioning of art and cultural projects – as concepts conceived in virtual space and projects implemented there can no longer be assigned to a past, present or future – they prove relevance in itself or not.

At the same time, in the course of the labs / seminars / lectures on cultural management that have been regularly organized by kanonmedia since 2013, with a particular focus on actualities in various subsidy programs at community / state / federal and EU level as well as in private funding programs, such as foundations or in the area of creative industries, technology and scientific research etc.; not least for the areas of sponsorship and crowd funding, it proved each time again, how high the need for information on concept structuring, project calculations and quasi-exemplary artistic / cultural concept masters, especially with practical relevance, is in the arts and in cultural production.

The Archive of Imagined Projects is imagined as an epub as well as a limited print edition with a work object character that is as tactile as possible, insofar as funding is possible.

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