Contributions to the bot attracting node network #biennaleNO

Kind of discursive performance in the framework of the noemata non-curated initiative and virtual online exhibition format #biennaleNO featuring non-realized art in the context of the theme ‘the unbearable lightness of the internet’. [J]ust make sure your work doesn’t exist. (*) Go for #biennaleNO. Give it a spread.

daily traffic_fragments of voice_singing noise

Series of 90 partially just a second-long [looping] field recordings | interactive spatial sound installation concept

Covid-19. Documentation of a collective communication process

The shutdown in March 2020 had and does have a partially massive impact on the social and psychological-emotional state of mind of many people; it also could and still can be seen in the context of the communication methods taking place on facebook …

The Concept of The Archive of Imagined Projects

How many ideas and concepts have been developed and yet are not implemented …


[… an] online/offline jamming workshop series connecting […] cities across the globe
Concept for an application under the EU-programme MEDIA, 2004

David and Goliath

Co-development of the concept and structure for an interactive live TV show accompanied by an online platform for kids questioning politicians on their positions …

It is an art to make art

Concept for a discursive on- and offline-installment as part of the group exhibition DISPLAY 2003