daily traffic_fragments of voice_singing noise

Series of 90 partially just a second-long [looping] field recordings | interactive spatial sound installation concept

The series of [looping] field recordings consists of three modules:

daily traffic: disturbing noise
fragments of voice: 79 files
singing noise: 10 files

daily traffic: disturbing noise – original file

fragments of voice – 79 original files


singing noise – 10 original files


media field recording alexandra reill 2018
installation concept alexandra reill 2020
production kanonmedia | vienna 2018 / 2020

90 files partially repeated in direct succession play chronologically via an invisibly mounted sound system in a heavily darkened room, thus forming a sound scape. The visitors can intervene in the three modules of the spatial sound mix and change the sound scape using several control panels attached to the walls. At the same time, all files, looping, arranged and labeled according to the modules, are installed on vertically arranged mobile phones hanging in a horizontal row. They show black screens and an insert button. So, each loop can be fed into the system individually from the respective phone.

The original files of the sound scape come from the selection from randomly made recordings of a TV report about the field of tension between the activities of capitalist corporates in so-called developing countries in Africa, which are very much affected by poverty. The collection was created through these two production phases of recording and viewing only – and as if by itself a collection of quasi keynote-like, atmospheric and vocal short content, as is often used in the dramaturgy of TV reports with political content, emerged. Without knowing the film or even the specific topic of the film, stereotypes show on their own …

Through the interaction of the users, this assemblage gains an individually controlled face at every moment, always with the question, though, of whether the world of stereotypes can be overcome through decentralized intervention. The experiment has never been tried and the installation has not yet been published.

daily traffic_fragments of voice_singing noise virtually exhibited through

— noemata #biennaleNO 2020 / gol / nor / int / 20-21