daily traffic_fragments of voice_singing noise

Series of 94 few seconds-long looping field recordings | installation concept

field recording alexandra reill 2018
installation concept alexandra reill 2020
production kanonmedia | vienna 2018

The series of looping field recordings consists of three parts:

daily traffic: disturbing noise
fragments of voice: 81 files
singing noise: 12 files

The series is meant to be installed together in the same room, forming a sound scape. Some of the field recordings include looping video footage [720 x 576 px]. All files are displayed on mobile phones hanging vertically in a row or on navigation system screens for cars [4:3] hanging horizontally in a row. The screens are connected to an invisibly surrounding audio system. Where found video footage is included the imagery is shown; where there is sound only the screens stay black. The series is unpublished.