An installative book object in twelve equal parts

opera publica

Clemens Mock / Margit Nobis [Ed.]: opera publica. Exhibition catalogue, 2017. Text contributions

Speech on Ceija Stojka and commemoration at Ceija-Stojka-Platz

text development | speech simona anozie 2015
editing alexandra reill 2015
programme production romano centro | vienna 2015

Year’s calendar game 2015

Card game, consisting of the pages of the pocket calendar used by Alexandra Reill in 2015, handwritten on both sides; and draft of a performance

Zehn Jahre Thara

Volkshilfe Österreich [Ed.]: 10 Jahre Thara, 2015. Text contribution


Julia Starsky: Catalogue, 2015.
Foreword / texts / text contributions | Co-Editing / Wordings


Concept for a media lab for young people in Seestadt, combined with a program of fact-based knowledge transfer and the possibility of practical work in the context of media production and the bonus option of certified internship

bilcom: Development of further and training programme

For the educational institute bilcom, a trainer course of studies and a further training programme of courses based on modules specifically designed for private and business customers, respectively, was developed; including a time schedule for 2014 / 2015 and the activation of a pool of expert trainers from the respective field of profession.