An installative book object in twelve equal parts

concept | editor alexandra reill
contributions | inspirations noah holtwiesche / olivia kaiser / peter koger / mimie maggale / peter moosgaard / tina muliar / margit nobis / alexandra reill / michaela schwentner / christian stefaner-schmid / otmar wagner / brigitte wilfing et al.

production kanonmedia | vienna 2016

Anrisse perceives itself as an installative art object and as a further module of the artistic research project Circles initiated and curated by Alexandra Reill in 2015 in form of the performative think tank series Circles (2015) and Working on the Mirror (2016) which took place under open participation of artists referring to contemporary comprehensions and relevances of the profession artist in capitalistically conditioned urban societies.

The installation Anrisse can be set up in the form of all books laying in a row, horizontally, or they can be piled, half / half, laying close to each other. Mimie Maggale, ‘patachronique, Julia Starsky and Christian Stefaner-Schmid each own one of the twelve equal parts.

On occasion of the initial presentation in the space for art and discussion Depot in 2016, and in the framework of the festival playground@TAKE 2017 one of the books was positioned next to an empty aluminum cookie jar with the lid open.

Anrisse supported by

our thxs go to
— depot
— municipality 1040 vienna
— commission of culture 1070 vienna
— department of culture of the city of vienna

Anrisse installed at

— take this playground@TAKE festival / vie / a 17
— depot / vie / a / 16

Anrisse featured by

— take this playground booklet / vie / a / 17
— esel / vie / a / 16

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