Tribute to Hans Richter. Image Trailer

The experimental trailer was developed as a public relation tool for the online promotion of the participative audiovisual enactment on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign Tribute to Hans Richter staged in Rinderhalle Neu Marx in 2012.

CHANGES – on the edge

Video atmosphere and [real time] performance | installation for a dance performance

We Are the World

Experimental image trailer on personal options of impact on peace and war building for [next]

Grandchildren’s Questions

Documentary film on the passing on of myths of denial in the context of coming to terms with NS-past in Vienna

Malice in Sonderland. Experiental

Real-time recording and re-editing of the audiovisual live performance reflecting contemporary relevances of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

alexandra reill: wien mein wien, 2008. press material

Home Sweet Home. Documentary film and text EN

Coming from a Vienna mainstream society of active committers of crime and NS-opportunists and being a child of the first post-war generation, Alexandra Reill tries to reflect her identity – Home Sweet Home is the [auto]biographic tracking of fascist history inherited by Vienna so-called mainstream society after World War II. Documentary film and text of the same title

Art Following The Trend? Trend? Artists’ Voices: Genco Gülan

Genco Gülan, media and performance artist, in conversation with Alexandra Reill

Above the Skies

… the pervasion of feelings of mundane phenomenae, of mundane life, a good bye from beloved ones and an hommage for love – the film Above the Skies is a journey from Earth to Heaven and back.