Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds. Script for stage

Script for an [audiovisual real-time] enactment on contemporary issues of the political sovereign following Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards

text / text collage alexandra reill / quoted authors
production kanonmedia | vienna 2012

Simonida works and lives at Hotel am Brillantengrund, the name of the hotel describing its location in a quarter of Vienna which once was the most wealthy industrial quarter of the city. Simonida enjoyed thorough education but to make a living she works as a waitress and being an artist she knows poverty very well. She is aware of the plight of those who struggle for daily bread, but she is convinced that people – however they want to live or however they can make a living – deserve a life of prosperity and recognition. She tirelessly fights for the rights of the disenfranchised, but her battle is getting tougher in a capitalism being as shattered as ruthless. Simonida is stretched to her limits. Does this struggle make sense at all?

Simonida is a mediatized person, a protagonist people can get involved with in order to catch a glimpse of socio-political future. Audiovisual metaphors reflect Simonida’s search and her fight for survival. It may be an image, a sound, a word that comes from the performers, the audience or the TV monitors which can be controlled by the audience.

The outlook may not always awaken high hopes, but there is one aspect the director Alexandra Reill certainly never forgets in this performative installation: always keep in mind how fragile people are.


our thxs go to
— commission of culture 1070 vienna


— in form of a reading by tory rahsl / alexandra reill of the short version ANNA FROM THE BRILLIANT GROUNDS in the framework of die schweigende mehrheit sagt ja!. zum.flucht.punsch / altes akh / vie / a / 15
— in form of a reading by tory rahsl / alexandra reill of the short version ANNA FROM THE BRILLIANT GROUNDS in the framework of die schweigende mehrheit sagt ja! / beside staatsoper wien / vie / a / 15
— in the framework of the festival kulturherbst.neubau: hotel brillantengrund / vie / a / 12


— spectre / int / 13
— portal zadar / zadar / hr / 13
— otokivanic / zagreb / hr / 13
— portal zagreb / zagreb / hr / 13
— urban cult / zagreb / hr / 13
— kulturpunkt / zagreb / hr / 13
— wien wiki / vie / a / 12
— puls4 / vie / a / 12
— apa / vie / a / 12
— art visuals & poetry / vie / a / 12
— esel / vie / a / 12
— kultur.herbst.NEUBAU / vie / a / 12
— / vie / a / 12
— / vie / a / 12
— / vie / a / 12
— mein blog / vie / a / 12
— / bordeaux / f / 12
— monptidoi / f / 12
— furtherfield / lon / uk / 12
— netbehaviour / lon / uk / 12
— rhizome / nyc / us / 12
— allevents / int / 12
— evensi / int / 12
— netznetz / vie / a / 12

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