Community Independent of Cultural Policy

Workshop on the properties of decentralized social media platforms to strengthen culturally independent communities

october 06 + 07, 2012, 02:00 pm – 08:00 pm
the window
6, kandlgasse, 1070 vienna

networking participation
peter fuxxs, ceo peter j. fuchs direct marketing, actor, producer pink zebra theater
markus kienast / georg schütz, initiators / producers
warren rosenzweig, playwright, producing artistic director jewish theater austria
anne wiederhold, actress and artistic director brunnenpassage
youssufu, jurist, rapper, dj
alexandra reill, independent filmmaker, artistic director | producer kanonmedia

public relations kanonmediajewish theater austria
coordination | production jewish theater austria | vienna 2012

The workshop took place as part of the event series Aufgerissene Fenster staged by the Jewish Theater Austria, in which film screenings, lectures with improvisations and workshops devoted themselves to the following questions: Do governments necessarily try to use the engaging effects of art for themselves? Should artists who serve a criminal state be held responsible? Should artists refuse to work under the patronage of the state? Can political misconduct be tempered by independent art?

text warren rosenzweig, 2012 |light text adaptations alexandra reill, 2020

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