Tribute to Hans Richter. Script for stage

Script for a participative real.time enactment on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign

text alexandra reill | 2012
production kanonmedia | vienna 2012

Tribute to Hans Richter is an appreciation of the aesthetic work and the political attitude of the Dadaist and early experimental filmmaker Hans Richter. It reviews the Dadaist approaches developed in the beginnings of film history in terms of their contemporary relevance for Expanded Cinema in the second decade of the 21st Century. 

Tribute to Hans Richter starts from a renarration of the experimental film Dreams That Money Can Buy, one of Hans Richter’s master pieces: Der rote Faden was written by Alexandra Reill during the first phase of the script development in 2012.

Hans Richter, who – at the Film School of the College of the City of New York – taught people like Shirley Clarke, Maya Deren and Jonas Mekas who today belong to the most important representatives of New American Cinema ultimately leading to the Fluxus movement, to experiment with Dada – that moment Walter Benjamin described as the shock-like principle of poetry capable of inducing flash-like insight of the irredeemably lost one (1). (2)

(1) Cp. Walter Benjamin: Zentralpark. In: Id., Illuminationen, Frankfurt / Main 1974, p. 245
(2) Cp. Rudolf Frieling: Real/Medial. Hybride Prozesse zwischen Kunst und Leben. In: Medien Kunst Netz,, date of publication unknown, access: 2012/05/15


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