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In Romani language there is no real word for future but one for a tomorrow: THARA – a media lab fostering contemporary self-empowerment of Roma and Sinti teens … [2004 – 2006]

white chairs. stop-motion-lab

Performance in the framework of netznetz – Festival der Netzkultur in Künstlerhaus Wien 15–17/10/2004

Media As Political Spaces

Contributions to the panel discussion on possibilities and relevance of decentralized media as part of the living room – Soho in Ottakring: discussion space on the topic of alliance building

K.I.O. Lab

Drawing / painting / photo / video / VJing / DJing / cooking workshop series leading to a real time media performance fest in the framework of the festival Soho in Ottakring

eop. emergence of projects EN

Beteiligung an einem transdisziplinären, im Sinne einer Sozialen Skulptur die eigenen Prozesse erforschenden Kommunikationsnetzwerk …

free media – unfree media

What is meant by ‘free media’? What makes media free?

women and computer

Talk: Dieter Schrage and Alexandra Reill