An artist’s work record in units of 15 minutes

Documentation of an artist’s working hours, shown over a year and compared to the conditions defined in Austrian labour law according to the collective agreement for a full-time employee working in office management

The Yale Rewirement Notebooks I and II

Notebook objects on the basis of the implementation of mental training exercises and tracking results of the efforts to improve one‘s well-being

Screen interferences

Digital photo print series of 240 still frames from a 24-second video documentation of a screen malfunction framed in mahogany wood

Shades of Light

Light as shades of light or perception of moment in light or in shades of light form immediate reference nodes in questions to a fulfillment of ‘carpe diem’ …

C-19-Object Series – The Baby Blanket and The House Cushion

Two knitted textile objects created in autumn 2021 and the lockdown winter of 2021 / 2022

Die Schule der Folgenlosigkeit. Übungen für ein anderes Leben. Completion of a Submission Form

Answers to the application form for the Scholarship for Doing Nothing tendered in the context of the HFBK research project and forming a module of its exhibition Die Schule der Folgenlosigkeit. Übungen für ein anderes Leben at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg

beige chairs

The photo series is a kind of re-enactment of the experiental film white chairs, originally created in 2003, and it is linked to Alexandra Reill’s then applied symbol of the movements of work chairs fabricated in plastic and white, then reflecting movement in time as much as self-reflection; probably reigned by an approach to perfectionism. Looked at it now, however, in 2021, the plastic chairs used in offices and other work contexts depicted by the artist are only partially white. They are beige now – that helps with hygiene, and traces of movement are no longer so difficult to follow. Plastic chairs made in beige no longer leave traces so easily; and when they appear as a pile, there is nothing in the end that reminds us of any possible movement …

Access to a pharmacy

Photo series of semi-close ups of the walls and the embedded infrastructure from the building site of a pharmacy, in Covid-19-lockdown times reigned by investments in the own renovation and at the same time giving customers full access to the pharmacy through the back entrance