Approximations. Wall Installation

Outlines of contemporary relevance of artistic work in urban societies with capitalistic conditioning – a wall installation

Year’s calendar game 2015

Card game, consisting of the pages of the pocket calendar used by Alexandra Reill in 2015, handwritten on both sides; and draft of a performance

Error Reading From The Clipboard

Machine-produced error result of the digital export of text: Robert Strachan, Micro-independent record labels in the UK. Discourse, DIY cultural production and the music industry, in: European Journal of Cultural Studies 10 (2), 2010, p. 250-251

Burning Paper

Installation / performance with works of art, the wood-burning stove in mo.ë and fire as part of Innovationspreistage .12

Weihnachtsauslagen im Kaufhaus des Westens

… Winter 2009. Berlin. Berlin in the 20ies. Impressions of the varieté. Walter Benjamin in the 20ies. Berlin today. Today …

Hoy / KOI Skies Series

c-print series on canvas
Hoy Skies Series I | Hoy Skies Series II | Hoy Skies Series III | Hoy Skies Series IV | KOI Skies Series I | KOI Skies Series IV

Algae and Grasses

c-print on glossy paper series
20091004_algae_I | 20091007_algae_II | 20091004_grasses_I | 20091007_grasses_II | 20091007_grasses_III | 20091007_grasses_IV. 2009


[Concept for a] sound installation against daily racism [in public space]