Series of digital 4c prints developed from analogue drawings / overpaintings typical for mobile artistic work created by Alexandra Reill when travelling


Stop trick series of looping movies scripted in Flash on conditioned coding of relationships

Corner Drops

Series of banner art pieces created in 2002 for the banner art collective founded by Furtherfield


Online art book installation referring to ongoing war

anti-smokers-sp01 EN

ANTI-SMOKERS-SP01 is the author’s self-portrait relating to a smoker’s conditioning in an environment conditioned on anti-smoking and the conditioning of a non-smokers’ environment by a smoker’s dispositions …

S.P.I.N.Y. Multi-screen installation

The interactive role play S.P.I.N.Y. was installed in the framework of the art event series fusion fashion in form of an interactive multi-screen installation.


Art collection | object installation