Stop trick series of looping movies scripted in Flash on conditioned coding of relationships

concept | image editing | animation alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2002

tcof20ofus.exes stands for the code of 2 of us and is a series of four short animated loops forming the visual content for an offline installation.

Originally produced for Almdudler in the framework of a call for ideas for a contemporary re-interpretation of the historical couple forming the legendary core of the Almdudler label, tc0f20ofus.exes developed into an animated series of loops questioning current approaches to and states of ‘modern’ relationships at the beginning of a decade framed by social / psychological contexts strongly influenced by industrial / corporate approaches / conditioning with a major impact of emerging technologies on individual self-esteem / self-perception / self-positioning. tc0f20ofus.exes questions then so-called new codexes / codes of conditioned consciousness strongly characterizing inter-personal relationship building among a generation of young millennials.

The attitude and positioning of the couple shown express attraction as much as scepticism / interest as much as questioning / sensual motivation as much as intellectual borderlining; the fragmentation of a single photo – created by Terry Richardson for the Vogue Paris series Vie privée / published in 02 / 2002 / – and the performance in looping mode underline such perception / intensify such perception / intensify the user’s decoding of each frame’s content / of facets of meaning …

tcof20ofus.exes installed at

— in the framework of urbangs@VI salón y coloquio internacional de arte digital / la habana / cub / 04
— in the framework of urbangs@solaris festival / morelia / mex / 03
— in the framework of urbangs@arte digital rosario / rosario, santa Fe / arg / 03
— in the framework of urbangs@file / sao paulo / bra / 03
— in the framework of urbangs@rhizome art base / nyc / us / 03
— in the framework of urbangs@istanbul museum. web biennial /  Istanbul / tr / 03
— in the framework of urbangs@chiangmai first new media art festival / chiangmai / t / 03
— urbangs / brussels / be / 03
— kanonmedia / vie / a / 02 – 19