Innovationspreis 2010

Catalogue accompanying Innovationspreis .10 initiated by IG Kultur Wien and featuring the work of independent art and cultural initiatives in Vienna. Text contributions

#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts

Print compilation of daily short connotations reflecting the contemporary relevance of Walter Benjamin

My Center of the World

Co-publishing of the brochure on the EU-project building international artists’ networks

Kilian Franer, Ulli Fuchs [Hg.], Erinnern für die Zukunft. Text contribution

Text contribution: Alexandra Reill, Heinz Moldau, Nelkengasse, 2009

Kunst im Trend. Artists’ Voices. Series of media talks and video blog

Discursive on- and offline installment on roles and positions of artists in contemporary societies

alexandra reill: wien mein wien, 2008. press material

Home Sweet Home

Coming from a Vienna mainstream society of active committers of crime and NS-opportunists and being a child of the first post-war generation, Alexandra Reill tries to reflect her identity – Home Sweet Home is the [auto]biographic tracking of fascist history inherited by Vienna so-called mainstream society after World War II.

Kunst im Trend? Artists’ Voices. Study

Evaluation of the results of the international survey Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. on self-understanding and -definitions of artists | cultural workers looking at individual roles and functions in society as well as on individual earning capacities; and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006 is an online installation based on a documentative disposition of email correspondence in chronological order and structured by subthemes of a long and complicated process to develop a public-private funding system to distribute means to media artists and cultural workers active in the media field.