Above the Skies. Exhibition

A retrospective of experimental works between heaven and earth from the years 2003 – 2010

solo exhibition alexandra reill
curating | exhibition design alexandra reill
public relations kanonmedia / ART & SCIENCE
production ART & SCIENCE | vienna 2010

thursday, 29/04/2010, 7 pm
ART & SCIENCE @ studio leander kaiser
47, pernerstorfergasse 47
a 1100 vienna

In the framework of the ABOVE THE SKIES exhibition, Alexandra Reill showed the following pieces:

Hoy/KOI Skies Series
A selection from Alexandra Reill‘s c-print series April / July 2009.
120 x 90 cm each. Plotter print on canvas.

Skies. No Words.

Malice in Sonderland
An experimental film on the contemporary relevance of Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland

Malice in Sonderland is based on a live recording of the audiovisual real-time performance by Korhan Erel and Alexandra Reill at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in January 2010. Erel and Reill interpret Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland (1865) and check the famous novel for his contemporary relevance. The artists use original material from the film adaptation of the same title by Norman Z. McLeod from 1933. Using experimental digital methods, they examine the theme and history of the complex fairy tale and interpret it in a phantasmagoric improvisation from digital imagery and abstract sound collages.

Malice in Sonderland. Malice; the play on words intends to suggest the reflection of the desire to hurt, to harm, to act in a hostile manner. And Sonderland? What characterizes capitalist societies today, what makes these worlds so special? Must and can a “hero”, a “heroine” like Alice find her/ his way around in a competitive society in which one ultimately has to fight to assert oneself? What choice does the individual have in achievement-oriented societies? Korhan Erel and Alexandra Reill create a bold new world “Behind the Mirror”.

concept | editing alexandra reill
soundtrack korhan erel
production kanonmedia | vienna / a | istanbul / tr 2010
text description mak – österreichisches museum für angewandte kunst/gegenwartskunst | vienna 2010

Above the Skies
Experiental short film

Above the Skies uses the framework of Alexandra Reill’s journey through Andalusia and her impressions of the region and culture to research the character of suffering and pain experienced by any human being in life and to interpret a real visual world according to the inner perception and interpretation of the phenomenon. What does suffering mean? What does pain to life? Views on daily life-situations in the cities and the country of Andalusia. Small moments of playful impressions, doubled, continuously doubled to maintain a glance through things. The pervasion of feelings of mundane phenomenae, of mundane life, a good bye from beloved ones and an hommage for love. A journey from earth to heaven and back.

Mit Audio Samples aus Balladen aus der Zeit von Alfonso X El Sabio (1221-1284), Elisabeth, der Katholischen(1410-1563), der Nasrid Dynastie (1410-1563) und aus der jüdischen Kultur

concept | photos | [image] editing | audio sampling | sound mix alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna / a | andalusia / esp 2006

white chairs
Experiental short film

Photographic captures of moments show office chairs positioning themselves towards each other on post-modern ground. White on white is the theme, shade and doubled manifestation ask for the meaning of space between physical matters, ask for the character of emptiness, the character of fullness. It seems as if people sit on these chairs – but they do not sit there. People in relation to each other or without relation, in distance to each other or without distance to each other …. Originally, humans created these snapshots of visual impressions of abundance and wealth, of emptiness and isolation, of tenderness and encounter, of barriers and distances, of attention and perception, of movement and stillness – people, well taken care of [or trapped?] in a postmodern ambience whose traces of communication remained. Technical means of an information society enter into a relationship with people’s forms of communication and merge into traces of a symbiosis between technology and people.

concept | photos | [image] editing | audio sampling | sound mix alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2003 / 2005

airborne for 8 minutes
Experiental short film

airborne for 8 minutes is an experiental short film that developed from the filming of the film Deserts & Backbones and the collaboration with the Australian artist Heather Winter. The material remained in the kanonmedia archive for a long time, to be viewed again by Alexandra Reill after a while. She subjected the footage to abstract image and sound processing. Reading life between the lines emerges, an eternally recurring theme in the work of Alexandra Reill. Time and repetition, the pursuit of heaven, the pursuit of happiness and lightness, the dance around the recurring moment to land on the ground of realities.

concept | photos | [image] editing | audio sampling | sound mix alexandra reill
performance | camera work heather winter
production kanonmedia | vienna 2004

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