Performing audiovisual interpretations of relations in time and space

real-time electronic sound compositions arthur denisson / eargazm
screening of films by alexandra reill
curation | moderation | theory input alexandra reill

opening words
ursula berner, head of cultural commission 1070 vienna
alexandra reill, filmmaker and video artist

concept | curating | program design | pr alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2014

white chairs
alexandra reill: experiental short
00:08:31:08. 2005

White on white, photographic moments, shade and doubling forms search for space between material manifestations, for the essence of emptiness and abundance, tracing scenic plots of communication in a flow of time, researching backlashes of data overabundance on humans living in information societies.

Interfaces of Sonification
arthur denisson and eargazm: real-time sound composition

In their real-time performance the electronic sound composers Arthur Denisson and eargazm reflect traces in space and time left behind by information. Through acoustic addition and substraction they sonify physiological rhythms and create equally fractal and liquid interfaces between multiple worlds of space.

alexandra reill: short arthouse
00:11:31:17. 2014

The film researches personal mechanisms of mystification existing as a result of brachial or perfidious denial of violence in society. The lack of empathy and coldness between humans become the starting point for reflections on the relevance of the moment of cutting or stepping through the mirror – an act which is repeated until the deceptive self-image bursts and the perspective of collective reality perceived from beyond individual disposition emerges …

Chafing at Mirrors
arthur denisson and eargazm: real-time sound composition

As the composers of the soundtrack of STRANGE FLOWERS SPLASH or ONLY CATS HAVE NINE LIVES, Arthur Denisson and Eargazm continue to develop their technoid-symphonic sound worlds, reflecting inner and external interfaces between individuals in collective worlds and composing on the fly orchestral sound concepts in this real-time performance.

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