In an interactive media setting the bar camp and game CLOUDS IN THE SHARK POOL reflects the role of the artist as a medium between the poles of cooperation and competition – an antagonism forming one of the main pillars of onholding scientific discussion. Where does the artist stand today?

no | promised rose garden

[Participation in an] experiment with actionist seriousness, emery paper, twelve cobblestones, chalk for everybody, blue paper tissues and wine labels circling around the principally non-understandable … [*]

Burning Paper

Installation / performance with works of art, the wood-burning stove in mo.ë and fire as part of Innovationspreistage .12

Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds. Real-time Enactment

Audiovisual real-time enactment and interactive-participative setting on contemporary issues of the political sovereign, following Brecht

Tribute to Hans Richter. Enactment / Radio Play

Script for stage and mise-en-scène of an interactive-participative audiovisual enactment | radio play on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign

War Upon Us

04:00:00:00 of audiovisual live performance on war and peace …

#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts

Collective analog-digital performance on Walter Benjamin’s life and oeuvre reflecting contemporary relevances of his worlds of thought


Can genocide be stopped? FreePlay is an interactive experiment, a dramaturgically structured conference in the form of a 24-hours-performance, where participants can act as “ambassadors” …