Deserts & Backbones. real-time remix

Alexandra Reill’s film DESERTS & BACKBONES is a documentary researching the question whether there is a will beyond human will, beyond rational will … For the program < PARTLY TRUTH > < PARTLY FICTION > produced by Medienwerkstatt Wien on occasion of their 25 years of existence, kanonmedia invited Markus Kienzl to develop and perform a real-time remix with sequences out of the documentary.

28/11/2003, 08:00 pm
29/11/2003, 05:00 – 10:00 pm
, including screening of the documentary
medienwerkstatt wien
40a, neubaugasse, 1070 Vienna

video sampling | real-time performance markus kienzl
idea / programming alexandra reill
production medienwerkstatt wien | kanonmedia | vienna 2003

The media installation consists of the screening of the film Deserts & Backbones and the Avid Mixing Lab, in which the audio and video material is available to everyone for free mixing.

The documentary Deserts & Backbones deals with the question of whether there is a will beyond the human, rational will. The focus of the Avid Mixing Lab is the dramaturgical context that is created through the screening of ‘finished’ products on an editing system and is implemented directly in the live mix.

Blurring lights creating fluid anquors in a world of fast pace and rigid norms … Stones and grains of sand turning into vast oceans of water … filling empty glasses … smelling of fragrant sensuality – in a world having lost its warm smell …

Deserts & Backbones. real-time remix supported by

— kulturabteilung der stadt wien / vie / a / 03

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— NN: Frauenkulturbericht 2003, Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Wien 2004, p. 220

— kunsthalle wien / vie / a / 03
— derstandard / vie / a / 03