SAVE / SAFE. Participative Spatial Setting

On the occasion of the publication of the database application SAVE / SAFE and the publication of the same title, the interior and part of the facade of futuregarden formed the framework for a participatory installation, parts of which remained in place for the duration of the exhibition of the same title.

idea / concept | spatial setting | alexandra reill
production futuregarden / kanonmedia | vienna 2003

The loss of magical thinking in favor of a priority development of logical thinking is the topic of SAVE / SAFE. The formation of identity on the basis of rationally shaped thinking structures is researched on the basis of references to basic questions of artistic creation and creative work. SAVE / SAFE examines human existence against the background of target- and performance-oriented globalization and an IT age.

A six-month stay in New Zealand and in the South Pacific was the framework in which the original texts that flowed into the publication and a large number of analog photos [high gloss, 7 x 5 / 5 x 7 cm] that – like the texts in their final version became part of the post-wiki machine SAVE / SAFE in digital form – were created.

At the opening of the exhibition, a computer with the data application was installed on a bar table, guests could operate the application using the keyboard. Copies of the publication could be viewed in and purchased from an industrial refrigerator with a glass door. One of the walls of the guest room was papered in symmetrical rows from floor to ceiling with layout printouts from the post-wiki. Some of the photos from the project were on each dining table, stamped on the back and signed by Alexandra Reill. Each photo was unique and was available for free removal.

On the outer facade, futuregarden installed a plate approx. five meters wide and three meters high, which showed digitally printed images from SAVE / SAFE.

During the exhibition period [01/02/2003 – 10/02/2003] copies of the publication remained in the refrigerator on display and were still available for purchase. Signed photos were placed on the guest tables every day; at the end of the exhibition all photos were out of print.

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